What are the internal structure of the power adapter

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Once the laptop is out of power, it will not work normally, and the power adapter will be used. It has many benefits, so what are the internal structures of the power adapter? Next, the power adapter manufacturer will explain it in detail.

1: Varistor, its function is that when the external voltage is too high, the resistance of the varistor will quickly become very small, and the fuse in series with the varistor will be blown, thereby protecting other circuits from being burned out.

2: Fuse, the specification is 2.5A/250V, when the current in the circuit is too large, the fuse will blow to protect other components.

3: Inductance coil (also known as choke), the main function is to reduce electromagnetic interference.

4: Rectifier bridge, the specification is D3SB, the function is to change 220V alternating current into direct current.

5: Filter capacitor, the specification is 180uF/400V, the function is to filter the AC ripple in the direct current, make the circuit work more reliable.

6: Operational amplifier IC (integrated circuit), an important part of protection circuit and voltage regulation.

7: Temperature probe, used to detect the internal temperature of the power adapter, when the temperature is higher than a certain set value (different brands of power adapters, the set temperature threshold is slightly different), the protection circuit will cut off the adapter voltage Output, so as to protect the power adapter and laptop components from damage;

8: The high-power switching tube is one of the core components in the switching power supply. The switching power supply can work "one on and one off", and the switching tube is indispensable.

9: Switching transformer, one of the core components in the switching power supply, the main function is the function of voltage transformation. The function of the secondary rectifier tube is to convert low-voltage AC power into low-voltage DC power. In IBM's power adapter, the rectifier tube is often operated in parallel by two high-power rectifier tubes to obtain a larger current output.

10: Secondary rectifier tube, the function is to change low-voltage alternating current into low-voltage direct current. In IBM's power adapter, the rectifier tube is often operated in parallel by two high powers to obtain a larger current output.

11: Secondary filter capacitor, the specification is 820uF/25V, there are two in total, which can filter out ripples in low-voltage direct current. In addition to the above components, there are adjustable potentiometers and other RC components on the circuit board.

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